Goals-Based Investing

Our process puts you first. Instead of presenting you with the latest greatest investment that “can’t miss,” our approach of goals-based investing allows us to determine the most appropriate investment approach for your individual needs. We want to work with you to gain a full understanding of your financial situation and be able to provide you with an investment strategy that not only meets your needs, but also one that you will understand. Over time as we work together, your plan will evolve as you and the markets evolve, so the investment management is an on-going process that we constantly monitor.

Our Process

Discovery Meeting

  • Identify your goals, core values, dreams, special concerns/challenges
  • Review current Investment Portfolio
  • Discuss risk tolerance and risk capacity

Develop Investment Plan based upon Discovery Meeting

  • Develop “making work optional” plan (formerly known as a retirement plan)
  • Determine risk tolerance
  • Analyze current investment portfolio
  • Determine appropriate asset allocation
  • Determine portfolio construction limitations if any

In person meeting to Review Investment Plan

  • In person meeting to present personalized Investment Plan
  • Mutually commit to work together

Execution of Investment Plan

  • Open new accounts
  • Transfer existing assets
  • Conduct trades for agreed upon Investment Plan

Status Meeting

  • In person meeting to review status of investments
  • Set up online accounts
  • Develop schedule for future meetings

Annual Review of Values, Goals & progress of Investment Portfolio

  • In person meeting to review status of investments
  • Develop schedule for future meetings

Ongoing monitoring of portfolio & Investment Plan

  • Ongoing monitoring and analysis of your portfolio to ensure your investments stay relevant to your objectives and the evolving market landscape