How do I get started?
First, we’ll talk with you about your goals, needs and financial situation. Next, we analyze your portfolio to determine whether you will benefit from our service. If so, we discuss with you our recommendations for any necessary changes in light of your situation and the investment environment.  For more information, see our wealth management client process.

What is your investment minimum?
Our Investment minimum is 1 million dollars, however we have certain exceptions where we work with clients who do not meet the minimum; we will work with someone who is referred to us by our clients, if we believe we can make a difference in their financial life, and also if they agree to and can follow our investment philosophy of having a well-diversified portfolio. Why pay us if you only want to be invested in CDs?

Are my assets safe?
We work with Schwab Institutional and TD Ameritrade which act as custodians for our clients’ accounts.  We never have custody of client assets. Your assets will be safely held in individual accounts in your name. You receive confirmation from the custodian of all transactions plus monthly statements.

How does Curran & Lewis charge for its services?
Curran & Lewis is a fee-only investment advisor, with our fees based on a percentage of your assets that we manage. One of our investment advisors can provide you with more details. We feel a fee-only approach best aligns our interests with yours:

  • A fee-only structure means the “cost clock” is never ticking during our conversations with you
  • We accept no commissions for any trades placed in your account
  • Fees are on a sliding scale, so as your portfolio grows, the percentage of Curran & Lewis Investment Management’s fee decreases
  • There is no fee assessed for assets NOT under our management

How much does it cost to hold initial meetings with a Curran & Lewis advisor?
There is no cost. We have numerous resources to help you determine whether your current holdings are meeting your investment needs and to see if we can add value to your investment experience. We want to make sure that we can mutually be a good, long‑term fit.  If you do not feel that way after you meet with us, we thank you for considering us.

Does Curran & Lewis receive commissions for recommending specific investments to their clients or receive any other incentives or benefits for executing specific investment transactions?
No. As fee-only financial advisors, we are paid a fee to provide investment advice to our advisory clients, not a commission for recommending specific investments or transactions. The only reason we have for initiating a transaction for an advisory client is because we believe it will benefit that client.

How are you regulated?
The firm is a registered investment advisor, meaning we are registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and must abide by the regulations and rules of that Commission. We are also subject to audits conducted by the SEC.

I have a question that does not appear here. How should I proceed?
Please contact us at your convenience!